Latest startup launched!

My latest startup is live! Visit it here: Aardvark Server Company

It is a B2C SaaS for players of the game 7 Days To Die. It allows customers to spin up a private server and edit the server settings. Currently it works perfectly although some things I still have to do “by hand”, like shut down a game server after the free trial has expired. I will automate more functions if I get some customers, based on their feedback.

I’m 100% all-in to make this a great game hosting company. If I get some customers I’m going to “do things that don’t scale” to make sure they have a great experience.

I have had some visitors to the site from entrepreneur and hacker forum posts, and one user spun up a server on the free trial. No one has signed up for a subscription yet but since the launch I’m full of new ideas, have thrown away some bad ones, and am very focused and excited about the future of this service.

You might wonder what happened to me founding a startup every month? The answer is simply that after having some success the first month with Marginal Revolution Books, and then launching flops the next two months, I realized I needed to sit down and study design. So on the advice of some friends on twitter I worked through the book Design for Hackers, which took about a month (August). I then spent some time teaching myself how to do SEO-related research, e.g. how to answer the questions, “are people searching for this? How many? Are their needs met by what they find? Are they thrilled?” Then I spent two months (Sept-Oct) coding up the site.

Why not launch sooner and “get feedback from users?” Because this service only works in a way meaningful to customers once they can launch servers and play on them. Since this market is already liquid there’s no need to do a campaign and collect email addresses of people who are interested. I know there’s an interest. Anyone can see that by researching the market.

After the last four months, more than ever I appreciate how much harder entrepreneurship is than it seems from the outside. But now that I’ve put in the time and effort I am so excited to see what happens next!


Author: Dennis Cahillane


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