I’ve updated Marginal Revolution Books

Executive Summary: I updated the books on http://marginalrevolutionbooks.com after a long hiatus. Enjoy!

Long story: Hi!

As you may recall, the site was rejected from the Amazon Affiliates program so I abandoned it. However I left up and running online as a zombie site, never getting updated.  It turns out there is a small group of hardcore users who heavily use the site and they’ve been asking me to update the books on the site. So today I did so! The books are up to date now.

I also did significant cleanup of the codebase with an eye towards having the updates happen automatically every night.

The proximate cause of why this happened today is: I was having dinner last night at Nam Son (fantastic food and very good prices) when an economist friend (and big fan of Marginal Revolution Books) convinced me to operate the site for free as a service and a way to give back to the Marginal Revolution community, from which I have gained so much.

If you have any questions tweet at me.

If you want to read the story of the site from the beginning, here’s a blog post I write that will get you up to date until today’s update.

Author: Dennis Cahillane


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